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Open source identity & wallet infrastructure for developers and businesses.

⚙️ Multi-Platform Libraries

Available for Kotlin/Java and JavaScript environments.
  • Crypto - create and use keys based on different algorithms.
  • DID - create, register and resolve DIDs on different ecosystems.
  • Verifiable Credentials - issue and verify W3C credentials as JWTs and SD-JWTs.
  • mdoc Credentials - issue and verify mdoc credentials (mDL ISO/IEC 18013-5).
  • Openid4vc - implementation of the OID4VCI and OIDC4VP protocols.
  • SD-JWT - create and verify Selective Disclosure JWTs.

🌐 Services

A set of API's to build issuer, verifier and wallet capabilities into any app.
  • Issuer API (Docs | GitHub) - enable apps to issue credentials (W3C JWTs and SD-JWTs) via OID4VC.
  • Verifier API (Docs | GitHub) - enable apps to verify credentials (W3C JWTs and SD-JWTs) via OID4VP/SIOPv2.
  • Wallet API (Docs | GitHub) - extend apps with wallet capabilities to collect, store, manage and share identity credentials and tokens.

💻 Apps

A set of white-label apps to get started in no time.
  • Web-Wallet - A custodial web-wallet (PWA) solution for credentials and tokens.
  • Portal - An issuer and verifier portal for credentials.

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