Web Wallet

We're redesigning our product stack to make it available for different programming languages and improve the overall developer experience.

We don't add new features to current products, only fixing urgent issues. We try to keep you up to date on anything that might break, but may have missed something. If you encounter any issues, please reach out.

The Web-Wallet, our custodian wallet white-label solution, with which you can enable users to receive, share and store Verifiable Credentials, manage DIDs and their related keys and view tokens from different blockchain ecosystems. All in one place.

Getting Started

Depending on your preference, start exploring with the deep dive or jump directly to the setup.

Quick Start

Launch your wallet - Start the app in your local environment and receive the first VC.

Try it out!

Visit our deployed version - start issuing and verifying your own credentials.

Full Guide

Customize your wallet - Detailed presentation of the wallet app and its dependencies.

Deep dive

Architecture - The wallets components and which walt.id libs are used under the hood.

Functions - An overview of all the functionality offered by the wallet.

Configurations - Adjust settings to fit your needs.

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