Considering the context, web-wallet offers the following functions:

For more details about the available functions, check out the feature list which offers the option to explore all features in an overview list.

Credential functions

  • view - display verifiable credentials

    • JSON format

    • QR-code

  • delete - delete a credential from wallet

  • receive - accept / reject credentials

    • synchronously - with a request string, either:

      • scanned from a QR code

      • or input explicitly

    • asynchronously - by means of the push-notifications service

  • present - scan a credential presentation request

Token functions

  • addresses - display and manage crypto wallets addresses

  • tokens - display (and manage) crypto collectibles (NFTs)

Key functions

  • import (JWK or PEM) - import any key (private or public) to wallet

  • create - generate a key (private or public)

  • view - display key information, such as algorithm, key-id or crypto-provider

  • delete - delete a key from wallet

  • export (JWK or PEM) - export a wallet key (private or public) using a given format

DID functions

  • view - display the DID document of a DID url

    • JSON format

    • QR-code

  • create - create a new DID using the available DID methods

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