Source code

Web-wallet is built as a monolithic repository were both the backend and frontend are part of the same repository.

Project requirements

  • JDK 17+ - for wallet-backend

    • gradle v7.5.1 - to build the wallet-backend

  • Node v.16+ - for wallet-frontend

    • pnpm v.8.1.0+ package manager - to run the wallet-frontend

Project setup

  1. Clone waltid-identity

git clone
  1. Change into web-wallet backend folder

cd waltid-web-wallet
  1. wallet-frontend source folder

cd waltid-web-wallet/web

Building the project

  • wallet-backend

gradle clean build
  • wallet-frontend

pnpm install

Runtime configurations

Refer to Runtime configurations from the Quick Start section.

Running the project

The modules referenced in the Requirements section from Quick Start need to be available before starting the web-wallet, so that all functions are enabled. Otherwise, the web-wallet will offer only account management functions (sign in / sign up, profile and settings).

The default storage option is sqlite. If postgres is used as the storage option, the database should be available before starting the web-wallet.

  1. start wallet-backend:

    • extract the build output (either .tar or .zip)

    cd build/distributions &&
    tar xf waltid-web-wallet-0.0.1.tar

    • copy the configs from waltid-web-wallet/config to ./waltid-web-wallet-0.0.1/bin/config

    • execute

  2. start wallet-frontend

cd web &&
pnpm dev

Wallet-backend is available at: http://localhost:4545 (the port number configured in web.conf).

Wallet-frontend is available at: http://localhost:3000.

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