We apologize that our current implementation does not yet support the Stardust Upgrade from IOTA. As such, you cannot issue or verify credentials associated via a did:iota. Please refer to our roadmap for more information on when our products will be updated to include this latest changes.

Getting Started

Depending on your preference, start exploring with the deep dive or a tutorial.

Deep dive

Architecture - See how IOTA was integrated into the SSI-Kit. The Wallet-Kit uses the SSI-Kit internally; therefore, we get all the functionality with the Wallet-Kit + more for easier integration with any app.

OIDC4VP Profile - Learn more about the OIDC4VP profile used for Login with IOTA


Login With IOTA - Learn how to configure the wallet kit + other needed frontend projects to build a Login With IOTA use-case


Login with IOTA

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