CLI | Command Line Interface

The wallet backend provides a simple command line interface, to run and/or configure the backend, including the issuer and verifier backends.

Installation & Running the Project

Make sure you have Docker or a JDK 16 build environment including Gradle installed on your machine

  1. Cloning the project

git clone

2. Change directory

cd waltid-walletkit

3. Build docker container

docker build --rm -t waltid/walletkit .

4. Create an alias

alias waltid-walletkit="docker run -p 8080:8080 -e WALTID_DATA_ROOT=/data -v $PWD:/data waltid/walletkit"

4. Run the project (with alias)

waltid-walletkit run

6. Run the project (without alias)

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e WALTID_DATA_ROOT=/data -v $PWD:/data waltid/walletkit run

To get info about available options of the run command, use:

waltid-walletkit run --help

More options how to build the project can be found here.


For configuring keys and DIDs (especially for the Issuer or Verifier backends), the wallet backend integrates some commands from the SSI Kit for key and DID management.

The config command lets you define the context in which you want to execute the command, by specifying the arguments --as-issuer, --as-verifier or --as-user [userID] or their shortcuts -i, -v, -u [userID], before the respective subcommand.


waltid-walletkit config --as-issuer did list

This command lists the DIDs available in the context of the issuer backend.

To get info about available options of the config command, use:

waltid-walletkit config --help

For more details about the integrated commands, you may want to refer to the documentation of the SSI Kit, which you find here:

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