Public deployments

We operate the following as public services for demo and trial purposes only:

  • Web wallet

  • Verifier portal

  • Issuer portals

The deployed services are not meant for production use and no guarantee for data integrity is given. All user data may be scratched without prior warning at our own discretion.

Stable deployment

The stable deployment is updated manually whenever a stable release build is ready:

Rolling deployment

A deployment of the bleeding edge developments is updated in a rolling fashion on every successful build of the master branch of the wallet backend project.

This deployment should not be considered stable and should not be used for demo purposes, unless you want to try out a bleeding edge feature, that is not yet available in the stable deployment.

The rolling deployment is available for demo and trial at:

User authentication

To authenticate with the stable or rolling deployments use any email address and password. Your data will be kept separate based on the email address, however, no password protection is enabled on these services.

Don't store any personal or sensitive data on our public services, as no password protection is enabled.

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