Learn what the Storage Kit is.

In a nutshell, the Storage Kit is a zero-trust solution for all things data storage and sharing.

The main purpose of the Storage Kit is to provide a highly secure and private infrastructure layer for data storage and data sharing for any application.

The importance of the Storage Kit becomes particularly evident in the context of Decentralized Identity and will be a core component for developers who are building solutions and use cases that involve keys, personal data or other secrets.

The following sections elaborate the basics of the Storage Kit to help you get started.

Key Traits

Here are the most important things you need to know about the Storage Kit:

  • It is written in Kotlin/Java. It can be directly integrated (Maven/Gradle dependency) or run as RESTful web-service. A CLI tool allows you to run all functions manually.

  • It is open source (Apache 2). You can use the code for free and without strings attached.

  • It abstracts complexity and low-level functionality via different interfaces (CLI, APIs).

  • It is a holistic solution that allows you to build use cases “end-to-end”. There is no need to research, combine or tweak different libraries to build pilots or production systems.

  • It is modular, composable and built on open standards allowing you to customize and extend functionality with your own or third party implementations and to preventing lock-in.

  • It is flexible in a sense that you can deploy and run it on-premise, in your (multi) cloud environment or as a library in your application.

Feature List

Find a full overview of all features here

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