We are using Nimbus JOSE and JWT for all JWE (JSON Web Encryption) related purposes, as it is the most popular JOSE Java library4 and the project team has already had experience with this library.

Bouncy Castle is used as cryptography-provider, providing Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) and Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA) implementations. It was chosen as they are one of the most commonly used - and thus tightly integrated - layer for cryptography in Java (and C), providing audited APIs, parts of it even being certified for FIPS-140-25 (Level 1).


To store the data at Layer A on the system, TPM-backed full disk encryption can be optionally utilized to disallow metadata access even in case of a physical breach. Clients are also secured with passphrase-based symmetric encryption, using PBES2 (published by RSA Laboratories).

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