L1 | Data Encryption

This layer consists of a client-server system with capabilities of encrypting data in transit and at rest.

Validate Request (Server)

When a vault client makes a request to store, query, modify, or delete data in the vault, the server validates the request. Since the actual data and metadata in any given request is encrypted, such validation is necessarily limited and largely depends on the protocol and the semantics of the request.

Persist data (Server)

The mechanism a server uses to persist data, such as storage on a local, networked, or distributed file system, is determined by the implementation. The persistence mechanism is expected to adhere to the common expectations of a data storage provider, such as reliable storage and retrieval of data.

Persist global configuration (Server)

The configuration allows the the client to perform capability discovery regarding things like authorization, protocol, and replication mechanisms that are used by the server.

Enforcement of authorization policies (Server)

When a client makes a request to store, query, modify, or delete data in the vault, the server enforces any authorization policy that is associated with the request.

Encrypted data chunking (Client)

It is necessary that large data is chunked into sizes that are easily managed by a server. It is the responsibility of the client to set the chunk size of each resource and chunk large data into manageable chunks for the server. It is the responsibility of the server to deny requests to store chunks larger that it can handle. Each chunk is encrypted individually using authenticated encryption.

Resource structure (Client)

The process of storing encrypted data starts with the creation of a Resource by the client. If the data is less than the chunk size, it is embedded directly into the content. Otherwise, the data is sharded into chunks by the client (see next section), and each chunk is encrypted and sent to the server.

Encrypted resource structure (Client)

The process of creating the Encrypted Resource. If the data was sharded into chunks, this is done after the individual chunks are written to the server.

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