System Architecture

Confidential Storage as a general system involves various actors that have to interoperate:

  • EDVs - Encrypted Data Vaults allowing to store data, managing data access and performing queries on the stored data.

  • Users - Human or nonhuman actor that wishes to access their EDVs.

  • Clients - Programs or libraries supporting access to conform EDVs.

  • Providers - Servers that provide an environment to create and manage EDVs.

  • Services - Instances besides the user that wish to access data on a specific users EDV (needing the users consent to do so).

A user uses one or more clients to access to their EDVs (multiple clients devices may be used to access data using multiple devices, e.g. stationary and mobile, or for redundancy, to avoid loosing data access if one device fails).

Clients may be connected to multiple EDVs (for redundancy or performance reasons).

Services are a special kind of client that access EDVs through Service Data Requests (which is described later on). EDVs are hosted by providers, and are created through specific requests sent by a client.

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