L2 | Data Sharing, Versioning & Search

This layer consists of a system that is capable of sharing data among multiple entities of versioning and replication and of performing privacy-preserving search in an efficient manner.

Encrypted search indexes (Client)

To enable privacy-preserving querying (where the search index is opaque to the server), the client must prepare a list of encrypted index tags (which are stored in the Encrypted Resource, alongside the encrypted data contents).

Versioning and replication (Client)

At least one versioning mechanism has to be supported. Replication is done by the client, not by the server (since the client controls the keys, knows about which other servers to replicate to, etc.). The versioning strategy may be implicit ("last write wins").

Sharing with other entities (Client)

An individual vault's choice of authorization mechanism determines how a client shares resources with other entities (authorization capability link or similar mechanism).

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