A client supports multiple EDV-groupings by utilizing a session-based storage container. It will be referred to simply as "session" hereafter.

Such a session consists of a unique identifier, key identifier, Decentralized Identifier (DID), list of EDV metadata as required to interact with the respective EDVs. EDV metadata consists of the EDV identifier, server URL, root delegation (from the EDV DID to the client’s DID) and an index key:

This container is not explicitly defined in the specifications, and was chosen to allow users to easy import and export of all relevant data to multiple of their devices.

Note that this container as a whole can be exported from a client and imported into other clients, allowing users to easily access their connected EDVs on multiple devices. To do so, the session will be encoded as JSON and encrypted to a JWT, using the clients master passphrase as the symmetric key.

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