StatusList2021Entry is a credentialStatus method by which the status of a verifiable credential can be checked. The basic idea of it is each issued credential has a corresponding position in a bit-string (also called the status list), having a value of either 0 - not revoked, or 1 - revoked. This status list is published by the issuer as a verifiable credential with a type that includes StatusList2021Credential.

The StatusList2021Entry credentialStatus contains the following fields:

  • id - a URL identifying the status information for the verifiable credential

  • type - StatusList2021Entry

  • statusPurpose - the purpose of the status entry (typically revocation or suspension)

  • statusListIndex - the bit position of the credential within the bit-string

  • statusListCredential - the URL of the StatusList2021Credential credential that encapsulates the bit-string


  "id": "",
  "type": "StatusList2021Entry",
  "statusPurpose": "revocation",
  "statusListIndex": "94567",
  "statusListCredential": ""


The StatusList2021Credential is a verifiable credential that encapsulates the bit-string information about all the credentials ever issued. The following fields have to be explicitly provided:

  • id - (optional) the URL to this credential (should match the statusListCredential value from StatusList2021Entry)

  • type - should contain StatusList2021Credential

  • credentialSubject

    • type - StatusList2021

    • statusPurpose - the purpose of the status credential (StatusList2021Entry should match this value)

    • encodedList - the compressed and base64 encoded value of the bit-string


  "id": "",
  "type": ["VerifiableCredential", "StatusList2021Credential"],
  "credentialSubject": {
    "id": "",
    "type": "StatusList2021",
    "statusPurpose": "revocation",
  "other-verifiable-credential-properties": {}

More details about StatusList2021Entry and StatusList2021Credential can be found at Verifiable Credentials Status List v2021.

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