Local Build

For building the project JDK 16+ is required.

Downloading the Project

First clone the Git repo and switch into the project folder:

git clone https://github.com/walt-id/waltid-ssikit.git
cd waltid-ssikit/


The walt.id wrapper script ssikit.sh is a convenient way for building and using the library on Linux.

./ssikit.sh {build|build-docker|build-podman|extract|execute (default)}

The script takes one of the the following arguments:


For example, for building the project, simply supply the "build" argument:

./ssikit.sh build


Manually with Gradle:

gradle clean build

After the Gradle build you can run the executable.

In build/distributions/ you have two archives, a .tar, and a .zip.

Extract either one of them, and run waltid-ssi-kit-1.0-SNAPSHOT/bin/waltid-ssi-kit.

cd build/distributions
tar xf waltid-ssi-kit-1.0-SNAPSHOT.tar    # or unzip for the .zip
cd ../..  # go back to the root-directory


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