The architecture of the SSI Kit consists of three layers:

  1. Low-Level Services Abstraction: Abstracts complex, low-level operations (e.g. cryptography, key management, digital signatures, data storage).

  2. Ecosystem Abstraction: Abstracts ecosystem-specific requirements based on the relevant technical and governance frameworks (e.g. SSI flavors, business logic, policies).

  3. High-Level Interfaces / APIs: Provides high-level interfaces that hide complexity and facilitate usage for developers.

Also, the architecture allows for the integration of third party solutions throughout the stack. For example:

  • Key storage (e.g. HSM, WebKMS)

  • Data storage (e.g. identity hubs, confidential storage)

  • Registries (e.g. blockchains, DNS)

This architectural openness prevents vendor lock-in and allows you to build SSI-based solutions that meet your unique requirements.


Read on to explore all three abstraction layers in more detail.

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