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Verification Policies

Introduction to Verification Policies
For verification of verifiable credentials, the SSI-Kit offers a wide range of predefined static and parameterized verification policies, which are ready-to-use and are designed for common use cases. For more complex verification, the creation of custom policies using a policy execution engine such as the Open Policy Agent can be used.

Static Verification Policies

Predefined and covering a variety of common use cases, enabling developers to verify credentials without having to dive into dynamic or custom policy creation and scripting languages. Some of these policies include SignaturePolicy, JsonSchemaPolicy, ValidFromBeforePolicy, ExpirationDateAfterPolicy, and more.

Parameterized Verification Policies

Parameterized policies are a type of policy that requires certain parameters or arguments for their execution.

Dynamic Verification Policies

Dynamic policies offer a more customized approach to credential verification, enabling even the most complex of use-cases. Policies can be created based on different policy engine languages.