Verification Policies

For verification of verifiable credentials, the SSIKit provides several predefined, static verification policies. Additionally, it provides a way to create custom policies dynamically, using a policy execution engine, such as Open Policy Agent.
To list the available verification policies and their descriptions, run:
ssikit vc policies list
The output will show the available policies, where static, predefined policies are indicated by the leading -, whereas dynamically created policies are indicated by *:
ssikit vc policies list SSI Kit 1.11.0-SNAPSHOT (running on Java 16.0.2+7-suse-lp153.30.15-x8664)
- SignaturePolicy Verify by signature, Argument: None
- JsonSchemaPolicy Verify by JSON schema, Argument: None
- EbsiTrustedSchemaRegistryPolicy Verify by EBSI Trusted Schema Registry, Argument: None
- EbsiTrustedIssuerDidPolicy Verify by trusted issuer did, Argument: None
- EbsiTrustedIssuerRegistryPolicy Verify by trusted EBSI Trusted Issuer Registry record, Argument: None
- EbsiTrustedSubjectDidPolicy Verify by trusted subject did, Argument: None
- EbsiTrustedIssuerAccreditationPolicy Verify by issuer's authorized claims, Argument: None
- IssuedDateBeforePolicy Verify by issuance date, Argument: None
- ValidFromBeforePolicy Verify by valid from, Argument: None
- ExpirationDateAfterPolicy Verify by expiration date, Argument: None
- GaiaxTrustedPolicy Verify Gaiax trusted fields, Argument: None
- GaiaxSDPolicy Verify Gaiax SD fields, Argument: None
- ChallengePolicy Verify challenge, Argument: ChallengePolicyArg
- VpTokenClaimPolicy Verify verifiable presentation by OIDC/SIOPv2 VP token claim, Argument: VpTokenClaim
- CredentialStatusPolicy Verify by credential status, Argument: None
- DynamicPolicy Verify credential by rego policy, Argument: DynamicPolicyArg
- VerifiableMandatePolicy Predefined policy for verifiable mandates, Argument: JsonObject
* GaiaXPolicy - no description -, Argument: JsonObject
* ItsMePolicy Check that credential is mine, Argument: JsonObject
(*) ... mutable dynamic policy