The demo shows an end-to-end SSI use case from the perspective of an individual (Holder).

Issuer Portal: Shows issuance of Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to a Holder’s wallet.

  1. Visit our Issuer Portal.

  2. Click on "Sign in". You do not need to input an email or a password.

  3. Select and "confirm" your Verifiable Credential (VC) claim.

Wallet: Shows the receipt and management of VCs by a Holder.

  1. Log into the Web Wallet (after being redirected from the Issuer Portal). The demo does not require the account-creation nor a valid passord. Just type a email address to log in you demo account.

  2. Accept the connection request (from the Issuer Portal), by clicking on "share".

  3. Review and accept the Verifiable Credential (VC).

Verifier Portal: Shows the presentation of VCs by Holder in order to authenticate or identify towards a Relying Party (Verifier).

Our hosted demo verifier is currently not working with our wallet. We are working on fixing the issue. Please reach out in case of any questions.

  1. Visit the Verifier Portal.

  2. Connect the wallet to share VCs.

  3. Log into the wallet (you used before)

  4. Accept the credential request by the Verifier.

  5. Get access to the Verifier’s products, services or other benefits..

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