In order to operate on Velocity network, any entity (regardless of scope - issuer, relying party or credential agent operator) has to register with the network.

The onboarding is currently done manually and will custody a DID on the DID:ION network:

  • get an account with the registrar

  • set up the organization(s)

    • set the required services according to the use case:

      • issuer - VlcCareerIssuer_v1

      • verifier - VlcInspector_v1

      • agent operator - VlcCredentialAgentOperator_v1

  • configure the tenants

    • add the required keys according to the use case:

      • issuer - ISSUING_METADATA

      • verifier - EXCHANGES

      • agent operator - DLT_TRANSACTIONS

The configuration steps from above can be completed either using:

More information on Velocity onboarding can be found at https://docs.velocitynetwork.foundation/docs/developers/developers-guide-getting-started.

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