A Cosmos based blockchain


The cheqd Network is a Cosmos SDK-based blockchain that facilitates the exchange of trusted, verifiable data off-chain Verifiable Credentials, using on-chain identifiers (Decentralised Identifiers 'DIDs'). The cheqd Network leverages the cheqd DID method and enables linked resources to be written to the network, associated with a DID and controlled using the verification methods in the DID Document. Through this approach, the cheqd Network is able to natively support all major credential types: VC-JWT, JSON-LD and AnonCreds across an array of enterprise SDKs. cheqd also has a dedicated token, $CHEQ, used for identity writes to the network, voting in a decentralised governance framework as well as for various payment flows between verifiers, holders and issuers of Verifiable Credentials.

Getting Started

  • Create DID - Create your first did:cheqd

  • Issue VC - Issue your first Verifiable Credential based on a did:cheqd

  • Verify VC - Verify your Credential based on a did:cheqd

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