Use Cases

Use cases you can build with the SSI Kit.

You can use Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) - and by extension the SSI Kit - to solve any identity-related problem.

Identity and Access Management (IAM, CIAM)

You can use the SSI Kit to enable your users, customers, employees or partners to access information, services or products. By this, you can replace today's cumbersome sign-up and login processes (usernames, passwords) with more seamless experiences.

In other words, you can SSI to authenticate stakeholders you already know.

Identity Proofing / Verification

You can use the SSI Kit to identify people, organizations or even things to provide them with information, services or products.

Identity proofing is particularly important in the AML (anti-money launder) regulated industries, but is seeing growing adoption by non-regulated industries and platforms to prevent fraud, SPAM and other malicious behaviour.

Simply put, you can use SSI to identify stakeholders you do not yet know.

Risk and Compliance Checks

You can use the SSI Kit to verify any identity-related information beyond a person’s or company’s core identity (see Identity Proofing / Verification), which can be important when evaluating risks or performing compliance assessments.

For example, you can use SSI for

  • employment background checks (education, work, criminal history)

  • financial due diligence (bank account information, liquidity events, credit ratings)

  • any other type of data verification required for transactions from insurance or health data to social proofs like ratings or recommendations.

Digital Credentials

SSI can be used to digitize any type of identity-related information in order to replace paper-based identity documents or cards with digital ones that are easier to manage, share and verify as well as harder to forge.

For example, think about official public sector documents such as identity certificates or about licenses or certificates that convey allowance to perform regulated activities.

You can find more examples in our White Papers:

Identity Wallets

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