Using Dynamic Policies

Verification with a Dynamic Policy

Once a dynamic policy has been saved with a specific name, as explained in the previous section, you can use it to verify Verifiable Credentials.

Please refer to the SSI-Kit setup section to exectute the command successfully.

ssikit vc verify \
  -p SubjectPolicy='{ "user": "did:key:z6MkgERd8hghGSBndxduiXtUdbYmtbcX9TeNdAL2BAhvXoAp" }' \
  • -p, --policy: Verification policy. Can be specified multiple times. By default, SignaturePolicy is used. To specify a policy argument (if required), use the format PolicyName='{"myParam": "myValue", ...}', to specify the JSON object directly, or PolicyName=path/to/arg.json, to read the argument from a JSON file.

We can verify a credential with the SubjectPolicy and VerifiableId located in src/test/resources/rego/VerifiableId.json, which are provided when cloning the project, so no setup is needed.

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