API Serving Configs

To expose the API service using the CLI tool or the docker container, use one of the following commands:

Show all options for specifying bind address and ports:

./ssikit.sh serve --help
docker run -itv $(pwd)/data:/app/data -p ssikit serve --help

On localhost only using the default ports 7000-7003

./ssikit.sh serve

Binding on all network interfaces, using the default ports 7000-7003

./ssikit.sh serve -b

docker run -itv $(pwd)/data:/app/data -p 7000-7003:7000-7003 ssikit serve -b

Binding on a specific network interface (e.g.:

./ssikit.sh serve -b

Using docker one needs to bind to in the container and limit the binding from outside using the docker run -p syntax like so:

docker run -itv $(pwd)/data:/app/data -p ssikit serve -b

Use custom ports by using the -p (Core API), -e (ESSIF API), -s (Signatory API) command options

./ssikit.sh serve -p 8000 -e 8001 -s 8002

docker run -itv $(pwd)/data:/app/data -p 8000-8002:8000-8002 ssikit serve -b -p 8000 -e 8001 -s 8002

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