SSI Flavors & Ecosystems

The SSI Kit abstracts complexity for developers by following a "multi-stack approach" that enables you to use different implementations or "flavours" of SSI.
As a result, you can participate in different identity ecosystems (e.g. EBSI/ESSIF, Gaia-X, Velocity Network, cheqd and IOTA) and avoid technology-related lock-in effects.
Based on our Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), we distinguish the following concepts or building blocks:
Each building block is available in different variations and can be put together in different ways. The result: different "SSI flavours".
Read on to learn which concrete technologies and implementations we support on the level of
  • Trust Registries
  • Keys
  • Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)
  • Verifiable Credentials (VCs)
  • Data Exchange Protocols