Here are the most important things you need to know about the SSI Kit:

  • It is written in Kotlin/Java. It can be directly integrated (Maven/Gradle dependency) or run as RESTful web-service. A CLI tool allows you to run all functions manually.

  • It is open source (Apache 2). You can use the code for free and without strings attached.

  • It is a holistic solution that allows you to build use cases “end-to-end”. There is no need to research, combine or tweak different libraries to build pilots or production systems.

  • It abstracts complexity and low-level functionality via different interfaces (CLI, APIs). Additional services facilitate development and integration (e.g. Issuer and Verifier Portals).

  • It is modular, composable and built on open standards allowing you to customize and extend functionality with your own or third party implementations and to preventing lock-in.

  • It is flexible in a sense that you can deploy and run it on-premise, in your (multi) cloud environment or as a library in your application.

  • It enables you to use different identity ecosystems like Europe’s emerging identity ecosystem (EBSI, ESSIF) in anticipation of a multi-ecosystem future.

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