Data Exchange (Protocols)

Data Exchange (Protocols) enable the exchange of data (VCs) between different parties.

Different authentication and data exchange protocols are used to securely transfer identity data (e.g. VCs, VPs) between parties (e.g. from an Issuer to a Holder). They typically establish a mutually authenticated and encrypted data channel between the communicating parties.

The most common data exchange protocols used for SSI are:

  • OIDC4SSI / SIOP (Self-Issued OpenID Connect Provider): An extension of a mature authentication and authorization protocol called "OpenID Connect" (OIDC).

  • DIDComm: A novel protocol specifically designed for SSI and maintained by the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF).

  • Credential Handler API: A proposed browser-extension that may be used to connect the user's identity wallet to a web-application.

Our solutions enable you to use different data exchange protocols like OIDC/SIOP as required by different ecosystems.

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