Install and run the Open Policy Engine (OPA) on your local machine


  1. Download the Open Policy Agent as described here.

  2. Set the permissions of the downloaded file to allow execution:

chmod 755 ./opa

Path Configuration

  1. Move the downloaded executable to a location in your system's PATH to make it accessible from any directory. A common location for custom binaries on macOS is ~/.local/bin. You can move it there with the following command:

mv opa ~/.local/bin/opa

Verify Setup

  1. Test the setup by running a simple expression with OPA:

opa eval "1*2+3"
  1. If everything is working correctly, you should see output like this:

   "result": [
         "expressions": [
               "value": 5,
               "text": "1*2+3",
               "location": {
                  "row": 1,
                  "col": 1

Next Steps

  1. Creating a dynamic policy

  2. Verifying a verifiable credential using a dynamic policy

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