This section shows how you can use the SSI Kit to interact with Europe’s emerging identity ecosystem based on the

  • EU Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI)

  • EU Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (ESSIF)

Here **** you can find examples on how to use the SSI Kit command line interface to interact with the EBSI/ESSIF ecosystem.

State of the EBSI/ESSIF specifications

Note, that some of the flows are not in their final version. Slight modifications are to be expected.

ESSIF DID Registration

Creation and anchoring of a new DID on the EBSI ledger (incl. use of "Verifiable Authorizations" and EBSI access tokens).

For SSIKit usage examples, refer to: EBSI DID registration

ESSIF Onboarding

Onboarding of a legal entity to the EBSI/ESSIF ecosystem (incl. combined VC request and DID registration).


Gaining access to protected EBSI/ESSIF services (incl. presentation of "Verifiable Authorization").

Issuance of Verifiable Credentials

The ESSIF protocol for issuance of verifiable credentials aims to being compliant with the OIDC for credential issuance specification. Refer to the respective section for details:

OIDC for credential issuance

Exchange of Verifiable Presentations

The ESSIF protocol for presentation of verifiable credentials to a Verifier or Relying Party, aims to being compliant with the OIDC/SIOPv2 specification. Refer to this section for details:

OIDC/SIOPv2 for verifiable presentations

Code examples

Several code-examples how to use the ESSIF functionality of the SSI Kit are shown on GitHub

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